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Aron Prins

  • Hey everyone,

    While working on our WP Knowledgebase Plugin I wanted to add a feature that allowed a single post in a specific custom post type to display up or down vote buttons below the_content.

    Here’s the two functions we’re currently using on our WP Knowledgebase Plugin:
    * Adds a vote form after the_content
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  • Hey everyone,

    Thought I’d share this snippet – while I’m building TWP I wanted to share our Plugin’s changelog and current version, so I need to add a tab to the WooCommerce page with that info.

    Here’s the snippet I used:

    // Add custom product tab
    add_filter( 'woocommerce_product_tabs', 'custom_product_tab' );
    function custom_product_tab(…
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  • Aron Prins started the topic How to use snippets in the forum Snippets 1 month ago

    Hey everyone,

    I wanted to quickly explain how you can use snippets in your WordPress sites.

    Ideally, you’d create a custom plugin file – boilerplate coming soon – where you add snippets found at TotallyWP in one file rather than many others, or modify your theme’s functions.php file. If you choose the latter, and your theme gets an update……[Read more]

  • Hey guys,

    Back in the day when running my sites, I always remembered struggling to hide content for members who did not purchase a certain product.

    Wether it’s a video, text, a link, or anything else, this shortcode function and example can help you hide content for WordPress users that are logged in but did not purchase the product you s…[Read more]

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